South African Malva Pudding

If you could name one dessert that is enjoyed by all South Africans, it would be Malva pudding. This national treasure is a cake-like pudding made with sugar, eggs, flour, butter, and apricot jam, and then soaked in a hot butter-cream sauce to serve. Malva pudding is often eaten after Sunday lunch in South Africa, and can be enjoyed with custard, ice cream, or whipped cream. No two recipes are exactly alike, as with different variations of stodginess and sweetness. Although the origins of Malva remain unclear (there are several theories, including that it was named after a woman named Malva, or after Madeiran Malvasia wine). It’s similar to other baked goods with pour-over-sauce-type puddings such as British bread and butter pudding and the spiced Cape brandy pudding. 

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