Fujian – Deep-Fried Oysters

Fuzhou Fried Oysters

Fuzhou, Fujian Province, China – This major city in southern China, right across from Taiwan. Fujian cuisine is considered to be one of the eight major cuisines of China and Fuzhou (aka Foo Chow) is considered to be its culinary center. Although this story is allegedly about their famous fried oysters, it’s really just an admission of truly abhorrent behavior in the face of a thoroughly delicious new dish.

After reading an article in the Los Angeles Times about a new restaurant called Foo Chow, my wife, 3 month old baby daughter, and I set off on our pilgrimage to give it a try. Dish-after-dish was better than the next. Everything was going great until the oysters came.

The second the dish arrived the baby started screaming. My wife took her outside to try and quiet her. As the minutes passed, the pile of crispy oysters got smaller and smaller. By the time my exhausted wife returned, the bowl was empty. Now 30-something years later, I’m not sure I’ve ever been forgiven but man, was it worth it.

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