About my Hungry Traveler

I’m Peter Banhazl, your Hungry Traveler.

I’ve spent a lifetime traveling in search of the world’s best dishes.

Although I can trace my interest in fine foods back to when I was 11 years old, I point to a business trip I took to Paris while in my ’20s that really “changed the game” for me.

Following a morning meeting, my colleagues and I were treated to an amazing three-hour, multi-course meal at a nearby French restaurant. After devouring course after course of both local specialties and traditional favorites (washed down with copious amounts of red wine and champagne), I was determined to use my future work trips to explore the cuisines of the world. I wanted to learn everything I could about the preparation, presentation—and history—of their foods.

So, I traveled the world, taking time away from work to duck down the side streets, cramped alleyways, and narrow staircases of the cities I visited. I stopped into cafes, bistros, food halls, night markets, grocery stores, and food stalls, looking for traditional, legendary, and unique fare.

From China to Germany, from Singapore to Italy, I devoured the local foods and customs. Through the years, I became more and more fascinated by the foods that defined different cultures. I wanted to know where these dishes came from. I wanted to understand the unique customs and histories that made them special.

I also wanted to know how to prepare these meals myself. And I wanted to share these dishes —and the stories behind—them with my friends and family.

This lifetime of learning has led me to launch my Hungry Traveler. The site is based on what I learned though my travels and my years of experience recreating my favorite international foods in my own kitchen.

Here you’ll find recipes from around the world that I have reworked, making them understandable and easy for any modern cook to prepare at home. You’ll also find historical information and stories that will give you insight into how these dishes stem from and fit into the cultures of the world.

For years, the world has shared its cuisines with me. In turn, I have tried to share the amazing dishes I love with those closest to me. Now, I’d like to share them with you.

Welcome to my Hungry Traveler.


About Jessie Banhazl

Jessie is my Hungry Traveler’s Creative Director. Formerly the head of an internationally recognized urban farming company, Jessie can be found slinging cocktails at a bar in Portland, Maine when she isn’t photographing the world’s great dishes on her trusty iPhone.

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