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A Special Greek Easter Party (Pascha)

The country of Greece is 97% Christian, so it makes sense that Easter is the biggest holiday. The celebratory Easter Sunday meal is truly special- full of tradition, religious symbolism, and of course, incredible food.

Whether your Christian or not, it’s always fun to throw a family dinner that replicates how other countries celebrate holidays around the world, like a Jewish Passover seder or Christmas in Scandinavia. Here are some great recipes to share with friends and family to make your own Easter dinner, Greek style. Don’t forget the Easter egg hunt…

The traditional Greek Easter table consists of roast lamb, appetizers like Saganaki or Spanakopita, a soup called Magiritsa (made with a lamb’s head), red Easter eggs (symbolizing the blood sacrifice of Jesus), a sweet Easter bread called Tsoureki, and Greek butter cookies called Koulourakia. The recipes below represent traditional Greek foods that are served at many Greek tables on Easter. You can replace the lamb’s head soup with orzo and lemon soup, red eggs with multiple colored eggs, and have orange flavored cheesecake or baklava instead of cookies. The juicy roast lamb with crunchy-soft lemon potatoes is the centerpiece, don’t skip it!

Make your own Easter dinner with these wonderful recipes and you’ll be glad you did.

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